"Four Brothers Came to Town"


The J. E. Grissom Plymouth dealership (photo taken circa 1956) was owned by Jim Grissom, son of Thomas.
It was located on the west side of Van Dyke between Qualmann Ave. and Ten Mile Road in Center Line.
During 1950-1955, it had been a Studebaker dealership under the operation of Ernie Grissom (
and from 1941-1950, it had been operated by Thomas Grissom as a Dodge-Plymouth dealership.
This building was built circa 1930 by Anthony and Loyola Rivard, the owners of
Rivard Brothers Ford,
to house their new Macomb Ford dealership (


They were the Grissom brothers and the town they came to was Center Line, Michigan, which celebrated its Silver Jubilee as a city in 1961. A souvenir booklet was published for the occasion that had numerous articles about the history of the area plus its notable citizens and businessmen. One of the articles was titled "Four Brothers Came to Town" and it was the story of P.L Grissom and his brothers Art, Thomas and Ernest.

P.L. was the first of the brothers to move to the Detroit area from their home town of Fulton, Kentucky. In 1930, he began working as a salesman at C & R Chevrolet in Center Line.

P.L. Grissom worked as a salesman here at the C&R Chevrolet showroom (photo taken circa 1930),
which was on the west side of Van Dyke, south of Engleman.

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